I'm the Italian Bedu. I'm Muslim and I love Saudi Arabia. My father is Italian and my mother is Turkish/Syrian . I speak three languages and I love talking about my religion. 

I learned Arabic from Saudi students in the Italia. I'm not fluent but I practice everyday. I love Saudi Arabia sooo much! Unfortunately I have only been there once last Ramadan. .


Sooriya Man committed to fighting against the tyrannical and oppressive regime that is currently in power in Syria.

MILLIONS OF young people led the uprising in Syria with great resolve and determination, yet what happened in Syria was much bigger and much deeper than just a youth revolution or a Facebook revolt. It is probably fair to say that this revolutionary uprising and process underway in Syria is one of the greatest popular revolutions in modern history. Thank all of you for your support ... In Support with our brothers and sisters of Bilad Al Sham.


I will stand up for my mothers Aisha (ra) and al-Batul Mariam (AS), the mother of Prophet ‘Isa (AS)

I’m with the terrorist

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    I’m with the terrorist
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